Indie Rebel: VFX - Hollywood Effects Without The Hollywood Budget

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"A great guide for budding filmmakers with a lot of imagination, but not a lot of money." -Nathyn Brendan Masters, TimeCode Mechanics 


The ultimate training course for the independent or aspiring filmmaker!  Indie Rebel: VFX will help you tell the story that you want to tell by learning to utilize free or low cost software to add effects to your films.  You'll learn to composite like the pros with node based compositing!  Learn matte painting, green screen, shooting guns, driving fast and more!

We'll cover how to set up your software to get the best out of it, explain what nodes are and why they're better than layers, how to work with log footage in a node based environment, and then show you various common effects that independent filmmakers should be able to do - both visible and invisible!

We'll also show you some quick tips on how we color graded the short film, and we've also included a bonus course on poster design!

What's Included:

  • 15 courses with 6.5 hours of training!
  • Sample footage so you can follow along
  • Digital Assets
  • Our short film, "Ruby" plus commentary
  • Production Tools & More!

Note: Product is delivered as a 5 GB digital download


Sample Lesson on Node Compositing

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  1. Course Intro
  2. Software Setup
  3. Intro To Nodes
  4. Dealing with Log Footage
  5. Background Birds
  6. Sky Replacement
  7. Gun Shots
  8. Matte Painting
  9. Driving with Greenscreen
  10. Screen Replacement
  11. Rig Removal
  12. Digitally Enhanced Stunts
  13. Explosion
  14. Basic Workflow
  15. Color Grading Tips
  16. MoGraph Titles
  17. Poster Design (Bonus Course)